I purchased the Line6 amplifi tt a few months ago, and was wondering if anybody else on here has one also, and what they think of it?
When I bought it, I was very very sceptical about the whole playing guitars via tablets and phones into bluray players, stereos, pc's etc. I am a more traditional kinda guy who likes a Marshall, and a couple pedals in front of me.

In its current state I give 6.5 out of 10 stars.
I run the remote from my cheapo pendo pad android tablet thingy, the bluetooth seems good, but the tablets never any more than 1 metre away from the amplifi. It does drop out occasionally, but it's not enough to bother me too much.
I have found there are so so so many tones that say they sound like a band/artist, but come no where near close.
I wish there were some decent distortion pedals on it!!!!!!
A lot of the tones are louder than others, resulting in deafness many times.
I don't like how I have to constantly go back pages (if that is what they are called) for the tuner, and other features.
I have to be honest..I paid something like $230Au, so I can't complain too much. I now have the ability to plug it in to my bluray player and play what songs, and blend my volume to match the musics volume. There are SOME tones that do sound really really good.
The sound seems like it always needs to be turned up when running through my Marshall.
I think I got my moneys worth, it was cheap, and I find it more user friendly than my Digitech rp355.
So that's my rough rundown, lets hear what you think of it!

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I really hadn't paid any attention to that product at all. Yours is the first review of any kind that I've seen on it, so thanks for that.

The non-tt Amplifi's tone names have several choices that I'd agree are nowhere close to what you'd expect (or have heard) from the band/song referenced. It's almost a "whose ears were you using?" thing. OTOH, I have a Korg Kronos keyboard, and some of the aftermarket sound libraries that you can import for that have the same issues. Usable sounds, to be sure, but it's almost as if they assigned the name with good intentions, did something else entirely, and then forgot to rename it.

I'm assuming that you can import other sounds from external libraries/cloud/other users?

For those who haven't seen this:

and you can run most of it from an iOS or Android source, including streaming sound, etc.

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haven't played through one yet but your review certainly hasn't inspired me to. just seems gimicky to me. sinc i don't have a tablet or a smart phone i guess i wouldn't have much use for this kind of setup.
I keep seeing these things around. I played one of the combos (I think I did at least) for a bit and I thought it was pretty meh. A demo or two I've heard and I didn't like as well.

Make some clips?
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I haven't used a TT but I have an Amplifi 75 and a Firehawk FX. My impression of the Amplifi Amp is kind of mixed. I'd probably rate it a little higher overall. The sound is good but the interface is a bit hard to use with it.

On the flipside the iPad interface works great with the firehawk. I just program my controls, send them to the Firehawk and then I can adjust them on the Firehawk and I don't need to log back into the app.

Right now I have my Amplifi set up as a speaker for the Firehawk and it sounds great.
I have a 150W AmpliFi.

You are never going to get good metal distortion sound from ANY low to mid-range modelling amp the way you want it to sound period. It's too technical.

What I do is get the right metal pedals. For example, I have a Metal Muff before my Whammy DT and looped through to the AmpliFi.

That gives me the distortion I need to sound 85% of the way towards a tube amp with internal distortion. I play SLAYER. Couple that with the 150W AmpliFi song searchers and some online scanning at the settings for various song settings and you will be able to modify stuff and gig in small venues with this larger amp.
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This is the recommended starting point in general for running the amp out to the front of an amp.

Turn the bass and treble all the way down, the mid all the way up, and the presence can be adjusted to taste - likely near 0.

For amps with an effects loop you can run the FX100's main out(s) to it, assuming you are not streaming music, otherwise you are sending the music stream to your amp's power amp.

If I had the DT25, I would also try putting the FX100 in the effects loop for just effect (no amp modeling from the FX100), again, if you are not streaming music.

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