I counter this dumb video with a comment from Devin Townsend

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You might be able to make your picking hand pick quickly but you aren't doing anything with your fretting hand. You aren't very mobile. Playing 4-3-2-1 over and over again isn't very impressive. You have to be able to fluently follow chord changes and flow thru different modes. You do what zakk Wylde does, you get stuck in on spot because you're trying so hard to pick quickly you end up not following any chord changes. Think of yourself as a saxophone player. They wouldn't play that, but they do play just as fast. They are following and accenting chord changes.
Otherwise keep it up man, might have sounded harsh but it was my honest opinion. Maybe check out my video demonstration. The quality isn't as crisp, but I demenstrate the difference between shredding and playing fast over chord changes.
Well that may be your opinion but youre missing the point of the video which is (as can clearly be seen in the description / title) only maximum picking speed (at that time, 2-3 months ago). Not supposed to be musical. (Btw there isnt 4-3-2-1 at any point in the vid) Anyways thanks for your feedback.
If you were wondering about left hand involvement you could check out something Ive been doing recently (not final version though) -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amo6akN0LoM. Theres alot going on there for lefthand.
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Let me start over.

You are very clean, and play very quickly. Your paganini cover is beyond impressive, I couldnt memorize that whole song if I tried, and I have tried. I would fail in the guitar battle against steve vai in crossroads lol.

Watch this video. Notice how he covers a large range of space with a single flow of music. I feel that you tend to clump your lines together a little bit. Coltrane doesnt ever repeat the same lick twice. I dont have any opinion towards what is musical and what isnt, so I wont get into that, I just feel that you should try to move in and out of different modes more. Venture out all over the fret board and add distance between the starting and end point of a phrase.

Buckethead is my favorite guitar player and he might get in the habit of playing a single lick pattern over and over again, but he spreads it across the entire fretboard giving it some range and movement.

You can take my advice or dismiss it, I am just trying to shoot you in the direction I like to hear.