First off, I rarely, if ever post in the forums so forgive me if this is in the wrong sub-forum!

I am in a group that has the chance to get in on a unique run of PRS SE Custom guitars, however anyone is welcome to join in on this!

All orders for these guitars will be placed through The Axe Palace, order link is here:

The options are:

PRS SE 6 string, available in Amethyst or Trampas Green ($769)

PRS SE 7 string, available in Blue Matteo or Trampas Green ($799)

Specs for both models are:

-Quilted Maple top w/ matching headstock
-Ebony board
-Natural back - Mahogany
-Full white binding
-Satin Neck
-Wide-Thin neck (Standard SE)
-25 inch scale

Any specs not listed are stock PRS SE specs

Pickups are also available to order, if you order them with your guitar, they will be installed at no extra cost before the guitar is sent to you (These are optional, you can choose to just have the stock pickups):

1. BKP Painkiller ... $289.99 (6), $299.99 (7)
2. BKP Ceramic Nailbomb ... " "
3. BKP Mule ... " "
4. BKP Aftermath ... $299.99 (6), $309.99 (7)
5. BKP Juggernaut ... $309.99 (6), $319.99 (7)
6. Lundgren M6 ... $339.99 (6), $379.99 (7)
7. Lundgren The One ... " "
8. Lundgren Leviathan ... " "
9. PRS Dragon II ... $350 (6-string only)
10. PRS Metal ... $350 (6-string only)

Other pickups are also available, this is just a price list for a few options, as far as I know, The Axe Palace deals in all BKPs, if you're interested in other pickup brands, you would have to email The Axe Palace and ask - sales@axepalace.com
They're very friendly and have helped with questions I've had about ordering my guitar/pickups!

Locking tuners are also available (Again, these are optional):

1. PRS USA Locking 6 string... $179.99
2. PRS USA Locking 7 string... $199.99
3. Sperzel Locking 6 string... $99.00
4. Sperzel Locking 7 string... $119.99

All guitars come with a PRS gig bag, or you can upgrade to a PRS hardshell case for $199

If you order a guitar, you pay a 50% deposit plus the shipping cost upfront (this deposit doesn't have to include pickups or hardware changes, you can pay for those whenever you want)
You pay the rest when the guitar is shipped to you, estimated build time is 2-3 months

This is an awesome opportunity for a custom SE that's budget friendly, so get in on it whilst you can, orders are only being taken up until the 31st of May!