HI i have a Yamaha FG730s Iam thinking about changing to a bone saddle. Was wondering if it is worth it and should i get it from Bob Colosi? I have been playing about a year and am experimenting around with different things. Thanks Bob
Depends....Bone is much harder than the typical plastic saddle material, and as a result transmits the vibrations from the strings more efficiently.
However...That may or may not be a good thing. Many people report installing bone saddles and not liking the result; sometimes makes the instrument sound a bit brighter.
This depends to a large degree on the instrument, of course. Many other people think the modification improves the sound.
Give it a try..... Be aware that most after-market saddles require some fiddling and adjustment.
Look up some before and after videos, if you like the improvement then there's no reason not to.
Get a TUSQ one.

They're better than bone in pretty much every way.
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I'm a big fan of bone, go for it. You can usually get them at most music stores, last one I got was $5. It's a blank, you have to shape it and cut the nut slots.
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Get a TUSQ one.

They're better than bone in pretty much every way.

I just did a bit of research on this in various fora, and the big majority seem to favour bone - plastic < Tusq < bone. However, I'm sure there is some confirmation bias in this, folks replacing factory Tusq with good quality bone.

FWIW I tried Graphtech black saddle in a couple of guitars because it had a good metallic tap tone. Liked it at first (confirmation bias!), but soon realised it was killing the high transients compared to the bone it replaced.
another vote for tusq. i had an FG730, and it didn't really need added brightness to my ear.
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All my guitars have the saddles they came with - and most of those saddles are plastic. I bought the guitars because I liked the way they sounded (and played, of course) so why would I want to change anything?

Anyway, luthiers traditionally used bone to make saddles because plastic wasn't around in those days. It doesn't mean bone is better. And has anyone here looked at a section of bone through a microscope? Looks like a sponge.