OK, I know it says, no guitar questions, but I REALLY need help with this! I can't find it anywhere on the internet!

How do you write that thing where they hit a power chord and slide up or down the neck in music? I think it's called a crush, or riff or something...

PS: I'm the drummer trying to write music for the band my friends and I are starting up ...
If you want, ican put up a bit of how im doin so far, just dont steal it!
don't worry about the no guitar related questions thing, that hasn't been seriously enforced in ages.

a slide? I have no idea what a crush is, and a riff is a repeating pattern, so it probably isn't one of those.

maybe if you post what you're doing we might have an idea.
A poem.
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k. I think its a slide, that sounds right anyway, since you slide your hand up/down the neck... yeah thanks. unfortunately what I have so far has changed enough that im not sure it would quite fit in the music. it would still be good to know how to write it for future reference though.... it seems I cannot attatch the file, should we exchange Email addresses or does it matter?
If anyone sees this, It's ok. A good friend of mine answered my question.... I kinda feel dumb for not going to him first.