Hey guys,
I found this song and I love it.

Unfortunately I can't tab it myself, and I can't find tabs anywhere, maybe someone else wants to do it? That would be awesome!

Allan Taylor himself uploaded a video where he explains the chords, but it's not really a tutorial, still can't get it right....
yea thats a good tune, and the vid of him doing it will help alot, reminds me of mark knophler, i,ll give it ago, tricky picking but i,ll try it for you.
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working out side for now, but i tried it before i went out, and got the first 2 chords figured out the picking, but once i get the picking sorted i,ll put that at the beginning and just add the chords above all the lyrics, its a tough one
ok here it is theres a section I have to add its the Dm, he does 2 dirrefent versions of Dm I was going off the tutorial, and he was just doing the higher Dm and he never explained the lower Dm, so here it is and i,ll add the picking for the lower Dm later on but this should keep you busy for abit, its a tough one to get that picking down.


let me know if you see any errors or you have something better. good luck with it.

One thing i,ve noticed the tutorial is in tune with the capo on the 2nd fret, but when you go to play the orig, its not in tune you may have to put it on the capo on the 3rd fret, or put it on the 2nd fret and tune it too the orig.
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