Hi there,

So after a little research and a dose of madness I bought my first Guitar last week - An Epiphone Les Paul Plustop Pro Heritage Sunburst. When I went into the Guitar Shop it was literally the first time I had picked upa Guitar but after some soul searching I thought hey, lets give this a go. After a week I can see this is going to be a long but exciting road!

Anyway, being such a novice I have a couple of embarrasing questions. I apologise in advance for some terrible terminology.

Firstly, I bought a strap and some Schaller Strap Locks 445 online. The thread on these locks looks slightly different to the ones on the guitar. Also, when I try to use the original screws the Schaller "bolt" that sits on the guitar is less deep than the original so the screw protrudes and the bolt is loose. I don't really want to use the Schaller screw as the thread is different and also I need to screw further into the guitar. Have I got ther wrong Schaller Locks or is this a common problem. Or should I stop being so pretty abot my new purchase and screw them a bit tighter into the Guitar. I hope this does make sense!!

Secondly, this is a real novice question and maybe I'm being a little OTT on my lovely new guitar! On the first pick up there are four screws at each corner and then one in the middle at the top and bottom. The pick up rotates a little when I press on it and these middle screws move a little when the pick up moves. The second pick up has a less movement but the middle screws don't move at all. I have screwed these a little but they seem to raise and lower the height of the pick up. Is this normal? In relation to the screw movement am I being a little prevcious.

Thanks for any help on these. I appreciate that might sound dumb and my terminilogy maybe poor but I really am a total novice but want to make sure everything is right with my lovely purchase!

Thanks for any help