Well, I've given up and finally decided to join this forum for guitar advice, only the find I can't post anywhere unless I become an active user.

Setting aside the frustration of just finding that out, I figured I should introduce myself.

My name is Brandon and I was first introduced to guitar when I was 10, but didn't pick it up and learn until around 15. I've been playing pretty often since for five years and self-taught. I just recently started teaching myself music theory and that is my reason for coming here. There's a lot of questions I can't find answers to, and no music stores in my area to take lessons, so I figured a community of guitarists with different thought processes could shed some light on my craft.

I'm heavily influenced by John Mayer, and only learned to play guitar after watching Mayer play live. (Only on Youtube, still haven't been to a live concert ). I'm a huge fan of DMB, Ed Sheeran, BB King (R.I.P), SRV etc. I love playing the blues and love the cashmere,
distorted and clean tones that rip through tube amps.

I'm very interested in recording and playing live gigs but not sure if I'm ready. I play very well, and know my pentatonics, but still have a long way to go before I consider myself gig worthy. That could be due to a lack of confidence on my end as others have said I'm a great player.

Anyways, as I've stated above, I've joined this forum to help expand my knowledge on music theory and hope that I'll be able to find the answers I seek.