Hi, I'm running 8 pedals at the minute, a drive, boost, fuzz, wah, octave, delay, phaser and tremelo. I'm not actually that much of a pedal guy, it's just that in my set I've got a lot of parts where I might only use a pedal very briefly, I only use the phaser and the tremelo for about 30 seconds each per show haha
I'd like to be able to run a couple more, and was wondering if anyone can suggest a good power supply with more than 8 outputs? All of the main ones I see tend to have 8 9v outputs and with maybe a couple of higher voltage ones. Or is my only option to run the extra pedals I want with batteries?
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I found this helpful and quite current (hur hur)

Before batteries, you could always just daisy chain a couple of the the low noise / low draw pedals off the one output.
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Cioks DC10 would work too.
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Voodoo labs. after trying several I had an experience where they kept breaking, power supply cable breaking, voodoo labs is the only one that was impossibly solid with a sturdy cable.
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I've been using the BBE Supa Charger for a quite a while, never had any issues on my end with it.
^+1 on the BBE.

Digitech has a isolatd supply out, Visual Sound/Truetone will be releasing an isolated 1spot later, i think MXR came out with an isolated dc brick version too? Well in any case you've got plenty of choices to pick from these days.
i also have been using a BBE supa charger. i have had it a long time. sturdy as hell and its been faithful to me.
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I never found one supply that would power all my pedals, I like to have a couple extra spots for additional pedals so I'm running 2 voodoo lab power supplies. I know it's not the cheapest option, but I found it to be the best option for what I wanted.