I have a gk backline 115 blx paired with the 210 of the same model. The 115 just blew to pieces. My question is, my buddy has a shit ton of 15s for a sound system. Would it work? I know there's the frequency, ohm, and amperage issues but I know my head won't blow it. I guess I'm more worried if it would affect my head in any way. The 2 cabs are not bridged. They each have their own separate output the head. It's an Ampeg B2-RE. 4 ohms minimum, 450w @4ohms or 250w @ 8omhs. Like I said I know it depends on the speaker itself but if the specs match...Will it work or sound like crap cause it's for a pa system?
The outputs on the head are bridged, in so much as they run in parallel. So the combined impedance has to be 4 ohms or more.
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Follow cath's instructions.

If you ask me, a good PA speaker will make a bass sound better than whatever bass speaker, but YMMV depending on the sounds you wanna obtain.
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