I am playing every wednesday starting in august at my churches youthgroup. We hold youthgroup in a basement like place under the church. We have a PA but there is only one guitar input for our worahip leader and his acoustic. I was looking at the fender mustang I but dont know if 20 watts will support me with a pianist, 2 banjoes, a jazz drummer, and an acoustic. I play an epi wildkat if that helps.
it sounds like they need a new PA.

a 20 watt practice amp will likely not hold its own.

what is your budget?
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So I guess a Twin is outta the question. Can you save up another $100-$200? Decent amps for a band setting tend to start around $300-$400, from my experience, ymmv.
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I was going to look into the champion 40 but then decided not to with the lack of effects compared to the mustang.
you could easily find a used fender hot rod deluxe for around $350 on CL... or even a little fender blues jr cranked would work if you're drummer isn't a maniac and you don't mind some dirt.
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I was going to look into the champion 40 but then decided not to with the lack of effects compared to the mustang.

Don't get hung up on the 'effects', as they don't add as much value as you might think.

Get the right amp, regardless of the bells and whistles is has (or doesn't have), and then consider what effects you really need. For a P&W band where lead is played on acoustic, I can't imagine you need a lot of them.

And they don't matter at all if no one can hear you...
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I'd suggest a used ValveKing 112. They are around your budget and should be plenty loud enough. The clean channel is really nice. I bought one for $130 and sold it for quite a bit more than that.
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