Someone has offered me a Godin Progression Boutique USB for my PRS SE 245... They don't manufacture the Godin Progression Boutique anymore, but was told it was about $1100Cdn when it was new. The PRS SE new sells for about $750Cdn.

The music I play is both blues and rock. I currently have two Les Pauls, and find that the PRS is so close to the LPs that I rarely play it. I read that the Godin is very versitile and that you can get a lot of sounds, and that intrigues me.

My only concerns are:

1. Future trade/resale value
2. I will miss the bird inlays on the PRS

Any thoughts?
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Well, Amazon has "1 in stock" for $977 USD, Google tells me that's $1,189 in maple syrup.

Really, they look pretty sweet. I'd do it. Checked eBay, there's 3 Godins' there $900 ish on price, there's a ton of PRS SE 245s $450 and up (again I'm using USD) so really looks like getting a Godin later might be a challenge, but getting another PRS is easy as laying down cash. Or syrup.
If you want something different than your LPs you'd have a hard time finding a better fit than the Progression. Very nicely made, too. Resale is a bit of a crapshoot since they're not extremely popular, but the actual value should be decent, worth more than what you have now if you find a buyer.
Looks really nice, I'd do it for sure
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If your looking for something different I would say go for it. I picked up a Godin LGXT a few months ago and I have to say he quality is top notch. It most definitely holds it's own against my Gibson Les Paul and my MIJ Tele Thinline. Godin really is an underrated and under appreciated builder in my opinion.
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I did the trade Sorry it's been a while to post pics - super busy at work... I'm happy

Here are some images:

wow very nice
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