Hi guys, I got great constructive feedback on my first tab a few days ago by posting here, so thought I would try it again. This one was a bit simpler (to my ear) but am interested in your comments, and of course your ratings.

I'm trying to focus only on songs I really like that aren't already up on UG. This one already had a tab, but no chord chart, so I figured it was worth contributing (I'm also not sure that all the chords on the previously posted tab are correct).

Anyway, this site and app have been huge for my playing/repertoire so it's fun to be able to give back a little.


YouTube ---- Other Lives, Dust Bowl III official video


UG chords --- Other Lives, Dust Bowl III

Thanks in advance,
The only suggestion I would give to you is that at the end of your tab where you just have the word CHORUS it would be better to just simply CUT AND PASTE the previous chorus and put it in there... It would take only a second to do and would make the tab complete and easier to follow for those using auto scroll to follow the song. Other then that great job!
On your other tab WOODS ...You have a chord C#m+5 that doesn't turn blue like the others... I believe if you changed it to C#m5 it would.... I do not believe the + is needed.... If it is and you want to keep it that way then somewhere at the end of the tab indicate how to form that chord as a beginner would not know how to play that chord the way you want it to...

Also, again I would cut and paste the chorus into the end of the song rather then just indicate to play it with the word chorus only.

Lastly, in the intro you indicate 4 chords ex. C#(x4) ...etc. ... I would just put C# C# C# C#
And then the next chord... That way they would also turn blue ....

These are only suggestions ...I am only doing this because you asked... And once you do this you will do it for any other tabs you will ever do....

The main thing is too always use CUT AND PASTE to put the chorus in rather then just say the word... It only takes a second and makes the tab complete.
yea good point don, most people want the tab complete, saves scrolling back up again too see the chorus, especially if your using the auto scroll, but good first few tabs
Great points Don, I'll make these edits on the two tabs, as you say they are basically no more effort on my part, and as both you and Ayreon point out, for those playing along with auto-scroll it really helps.

For the C#m+5, I think I can change those to A/C# and be true to the song, I just wanted to notate that the melody line goes briefly from G# to A, over what is essentially C# pedal bass throughout.
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