both my guitars hadn't been looked after properly, a seven string Ibanez gio which I did have serviced and a bc rich beast NJ which I resoldered myself.

I'm still unhappy with the feel and performance of both. they are ugly and uncomfortable. Not sure if that is because of the way they are set up with the truss and other issues or just because they are cheap.

This makes me think I'd be better off investing a high quality guitar as I think both of mine are crap. Yet I still feel I should do my best to restore these two that I have. If not to keep but to sell.

don't get me wrong, both guitars have thier good points and I'm sure, with enough mods, could get some satisfaction from them. But because they are cheap models, I think that is where the main problem lies and THAT can only be fixed by buying a more expensive guitar.
What do you think?
I think this comes down to a personal preference choice. Because, You've got a ibanez but its a gio, which is the lowest of an ibanez model. I believe. I'm sure theres some sweet ones out there. And you got a bc rich beast. I dont have much experience with how bcs feel. But, maybe some things to consider, What style of guitar do you want? Almost all companies make similar body styles. And how do you want the neck to feel? Each company for the most part has different feeling necks. And what style are you wanting to play. All around, or a specific genre? If you got the money, I would just out right buy a new one, or used of craigslist, and keep the other two. Then you have options. You have a nice playing guitar, and two that you can slowly bring back to life and experiment with. But you could sell them both and buy the guitar that you want. If they suck and feel all wrong, then tinker with them enough and you'll be awesome at fixing a guitar. All while having a nice main guitar. But its always nice to have a deep collection of guitars for different styles of music and sounds and all that.
I don't mess with setups anymore. Took my old Ibanez Artist GX-70 to a Luthier and for $85 he made it play like a guitar costing hundreds more. I've had it 16 years and upgraded with Seymour Duncan Screamin Demon bridge (mild output) plus some schaller locking tuners. Neck is fast though. Luthier shimmed it, did a little fretwork and setup bridge/nut about 6 years ago and it still plays great. Recently I decided on getting a new guitar and budgeted about $1000 for a good one. Well, I found two instead of one. Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus EX with 81/85 EMG set and a Jckson Soloist model that has been discontinued and i picked it up for $299. Neck through body on Jackson. I didn't mess around. took both to my Luthier and had setups done plus full change out on Jackson from EMG passives to Seymour Duncan Blackouts actives.

Both are a dream to play and very happy I spent the money with Luthier. Difference before and after was drastic. Same with old Ibanez. Find a great Luthier and you'll be happy.

Just my two cents. I don't have the time to learn how to do the same quality job the luthier did. That's his trade and he certainly knew what he was doing to get the most out of my guitars.