It's been months since I've actually recorded and mixed something, so I'm hoping to get some constructive criticism on this to help shake the rust off? Three things I want to address that I'm not happy with beforehand so that's clear before any criticism:

  • The melody guitar doesn't really cut through. This was a derp on my part; the amp I used has been sitting unused for around a year while I was at college, and I just pulled it out a few days ago. It sounded fine practicing, but I didn't make sure it was bright enough to cut through.
  • The mix is a bit cluttered. I wanted to experiment with the whole "Acoustic on one side and electric on the other" thing for rhythm, which led to a little too much in the mix to me. Opinions are always welcome though.
  • I have no idea what I'm doing with the compressors. Long story short, I use Logic Pro, and in the time since I used it last Apple redesigned their compressors, so I was shooting blind in a lot of ways. On that note, compressor critique would be really appreciated.

Let me know what you think, and again, I'm hoping for some constructive criticism, so anything is appreciated

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Hey man,

First of all, thanks for sharing this track with us. I've been out of the loop too as far as writing and recording goes. I'm definitely no mixing expert, but I had no issues distinguishing between the various instrument timbres playing at any one moment. I do think the kick and snare could be given a little bump up, though.

On to the specific moments that caught my attention:

0:14 - lead guitar enters with a pleasant melody

1:43 to 2:00 - I enjoy the slight dissonance here.

2:05 - the transition to the boosted tone was a little distracting for me, but perhaps you were going for a certain effect there

3:02 - things get noticeably softer from the minute that preceded it.

3:28 - I kind of wish the track wasn't about to end here, it sounds like you had more ideas to explore here.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable track. It seems like you have a command over your instruments and I think that's more important than having a 5-star recording (whatever a 5-star recording amounts to). But I didn't really hear any issues with the recording quality here.

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Had a wee read of your own critique man. I would agree with some of the stuff you say.

To be fair the guitar tones used are actually pretty darn good, along with the lead phrasing being pretty killer.

I don't believe that the kick drum is cutting through the mix as the low end of the track seems to be slightly muddy with all that low end on the bass lol.

The boosted lead caught me out a bit lol, it sounds good, but completely overpowers the mix i believe.

If you believe that the lead isn't bright enough, you could try EQ'ing the high end on the guitars with a slight boost, however I think it sounds great the way it is.

The production of the song overall isn't actually all that bad to be honest, it sort of fits the song to be honest. I enjoyed the listen I must say lol

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