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I've been trying to recreate my worship chord sheets in some manner of organization. I kept seeing a certain format with a grey header (the file is attached, see for example). I particularly like this format due to the simplicity of it and of how easy it is to add in the technical information (BPM, key of the song, etc.) in the header.

Does anyone know what software makes this type of chart or if there's a template floating around somewhere? Thanks.
Cannons Chords.pdf
You should be able to make something like that in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer (a free alternative that's decent) or any similar programs. There's usually some way to make the background whatever color you want. It's usually by the same tools that let you change the font colors and highlight things and such. Then you just change the font sizes and make things bold or italic or whatever. It's not some standardized thing, just play around with the different options for a bit to figure out how to do different things and then make it look how you want.

If you're going to be making a lot of them and want them to be consistent you can make a template for yourself. I'm sure there's a way to do it in Microsoft Office, but I've never tried and I don't have it on this PC. I just checked and you can do it in OpenOffice Writer. You just set up the font sizing and all the formatting stuff (maybe put in some filler text like 'Artist' 'Song Title' etc. so you know what goes where) and then go to File>Templates>Save and name it what you want. Then when you want to actually make one you go to File>New>Templates and Documents and then select it. I don't know if it's exactly the same depending on which version of the software you're using or in other programs, but it should be something similar to that.
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^There absolutely is.

In Microsoft Word it's pretty easy to do something like that. You would just type your text and format it accordingly. Insert a shape, choose rectangle, choose the outline and fill colours for your shape. If your text can't be seen through the shape then right click on it and go to "send back" and choose "behind text".

For the refrain it looks like they have increased the indent.

This is relatively basic stuff in Word.

When it all looks good you can save the format as a template. Then you just open and fill in the text.
I did this by making a MS Excel Spreadsheet, years ago, and used it as a template to add lyrics in one merged cell as a single row, and adding the chord names where I wished in the upper rows which had many cells.

Whenever I play a new gig and add a song to my list of tunes, and need to remember the words (which is why I use a sheet, since I know the chords, but I put them there anyways) I just grab that template and put the song lyrics in and everything is formatted.

When I print them they are printed without the cell lines, and it looks great. I use format painter in the templates, so chords are bolded, and my lyric fonts, sizes etc are already optimized, and ready to print.


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^10 points for ingenuity but why not just use tabs in word. This makes it really easy to align the chords and text as you like with precision.

You can also set the left indent differently for the verse and chorus like this guy did.

I converted the pdf to a word document.

The format is retained. The grey header box is an inserted rectangle object behind the text as I described earlier.

Note the ruler at the top of the document (below the menu bar). If you click on any one of the chord lines or lyric lines you will notice the left indent and tab markings on the ruler change from line to line.

The left indent is where the line for that paragraph will start. The left tab marker is where your cursor will move when you press the tab button. To create a tab marker just click anywhere in the white area of the ruler. By default the tab markers are left tab markers and that's what you want anyway. If you click and hold the tab marker you can drag it where you want. Thus you can put your chord precisely above the lyric that you want for the chord change.

So you write your lyrics then in the line above the lyrics you place your cursor.
Then click the Bold button so that any text your write will be bold.
Then hit tab write the first chord chord.
Then hit tab again and write your second chord.
Repeat until you have all your chords for that line with a tab between each chord.

At first each chord will just go to the default tab spacing. But just create a tab marker in the ruler and drag it to where you want to position your first chord. Then create another tab marker and drag that where you want to position your next chord and keep going so until you position each chord for that line.

Although this explanation might be long this is a really quick and easy process that allows great flexibility. If I was confusing or unclear watch a youtube tutorial or something and you'll get it pretty quickly because it's not hard at all.

Anyway I'll see if I can attach the document for you. Then you can use it as a template.

EDIT - this link should give you the word document, which you can then download. I changed all the words to instructions on how to use it so that I wasn't sharing copyrighted stuff but you can use the format as a template. Hope it helps.