it basically sounds pro quality to me. maybe the guitar could have the mids/highmids turned up a bit on the first track because it could get buried sometimes in the mix. i'm not a huge fan of the vocal melody on the second track, but it's really hard to describe why. i also think i hear some high end artifacts in the second track around 3:28ish and during the solo? it might be youtube's compression though. the solo in the first track is kind of boring, i only mention that because it's not as high quality as the rest of the song so it stands out. other than those small complaints i think it's a job really well done

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I agree with rky - I wouldnt be surprised to find this kind of sound coming from a CD. There does seem to be a slightly odd element to the high end for me - it sounds like the kind of thing you would get from compression of the audio but who knows.

I'm not a big fan of this genre so I dont know the style very well, but the backing vocals could may be do with being a little higher in the mix. And I felt like the main vocal was a little too dry. But I kinda suck at mixing vocals so I wouldnt put too much stock in that opinion

Certainly a well mixed sound overall.

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In my opinion, the guitar is way to high (a common problem on this forum ) and the vocals are to low, And since it's symphonic I'd also like to have more focus on the strings.

The song content sounds good to me.

The vocals fit the style and sound good throughout... The only criticism of the vocals I have is that maybe they could be stronger/more powerful during the chorus.

Overall, I really enjoyed these tracks (especially Paradise over)

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1676886