Hi All,

Am looking to upgrade my very first guitar- its was bought as a present and selector/pots and pickups are pretty knackered

Does anyone have any idea or could recommend a hsh set of pickups/pots/selector suppliers that could help.

Im torn between coil tapping the hb or fitting p90s

Any ideas??
Budget under £200
the cheapest is ebay for parts as we know. Guitar fetish is pretty intermediate too not the best and not the worst, some ok pickups and parts. Pickguards will be the only challenge to replace but everything else is a breeze. I'm not on the eastern side of the world so I'll try my best what to look for.

I'll start with the best and work my way down to the worst
*so any big music shop (or used ones on ebay) for the pickups
dimarzio , seymour duncan or emg are the big 3, depends on your style

*CTS potentiometers , they also make push pull pots
*A500k if its a basic volume or B500k for tone , however you can use 3 B500k pots
*0.047uf capacitor since you're working mostly with humbuckers , or a 0.033uf capacitor is
pretty well rounded for all the pickups.
*24 AWG wire
*60/40 rosin core solder with lead in it
*CRL or Oaks and Grigsby regular 5 way selectors
*switchcraft input jacks
*copper shielding tape for more clarity, it'll be 2-3$ (american, so way less in euros or pounds).

guitarfetish.com can supply you everything , their pickups people either really like or really hate. The middle pickup on strats you can have hum cancelling too so clarity across the gutiar

for ebay you can get everything and if you're not picky you can do a lot. All prices are american.
so a guitar pickup set for 10-15$ for two humbuckers and a double rail pickup in the middle for 6$ (21$ total)
two or three pots at about 3$
push pull pots are usually around 2-3$ each
2m of 24 AWG wire for 1-2$
switches are 1-2$ each
a bag of 15 capacitors are 1$ from thailand , i've had no bad experiences with tayada2009
knobs are 1-2$ each
copper tape is 2-3$ a roll of 6-10 feet. I forget the exact number of feet

the 11-15$ humbucker sets that look like zebras my educated guess is that they are JB / 59 clones. 15.5 to 16k in the bridge and 7.5 to 8.5k in the neck. Sadly both are 2 wire.. they can be modified to 4 wire but it's tedious. The double rails are 9k for some suppliers this is a 4 wire pickup.

used and affordable pickups are duncan designs (what gibson is to epiphone for seymour duncan pickups) I highly recommend them on a budget. If not perhaps an EMG HZ set if you're more of a vintage player.

some cool sites
stringsandbeyond.com - free international shipping on strings this week (i think)
qparts.com - custom knobs , strap locks and so forth
guitarheads.net - another guitar part site
dragonfireguitars.com - another guitar part site
axetremecreations.com - a custom pickguard maker

and a wiring diagram , you can add way more push pulls and all if you need help message me. Remember to use the right pickup color codes.
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Wow thanks for that tallwood- im in the uk but will check out the recommendations- much appreciated
If you are in the UK I highly recommend getting some Iron Gear Pickups, they are very reasonably priced, about 30 pounds each and sound just as good as pickups from Seymour Duncan, EMG and Dimarzio.

This will then free up a lot of your budget for wiring, pots, switch and output jack.

Axesrus.co.UK are brilliant for all the parts you could need.