Hey guys,
For a while now iv'e been playing fear of the dark live and if I can say so myself it sounds pretty good, but my band just told me to hear maiden play it live on youtube or something to learn this new thing Janick does in his lead bit... so I did.
At the end of Janicks lead part he does this harmonic on the fifth fret and presses("bends") the string just above the nut to make this cool vibrato sound.
I was wondering how to do this cool technique, because when I try it it doesn't really sound right, so if anyone has any advice feel free to share.
Thanks for the help!
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little practice. he's just pushing on the string behind nut to raise pitch. no real technique per se. it helps to have delay or chorus going when doing harmonic tricks.
Yes, it's called pre-nut bending, and my favourite use for it is with harmonics. You can't do a regular bend with harmonics, and if you don't have a whammy bar, it's useful.

You're simply tightening the string by pressing down on it behind the nut, and so the note gets higher. Just play the harmonic as normal, then press on the string, behind behind the nut. If it doesn't sound right, maybe your string isn't able to slide through the nut properly.

Watch this for some nice pre-nut bending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FC5FuFIhlo

And this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzw6AYWhKos
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