i have a G5 and when using the tube boost, sound is only coming from one channel this is using phones or a stereo mixer, with boost off it's coming out of both channels. tried adjusting trim pots inside the pedal but right hand one has no effect. have been using G5 through front of amp so didn't notice the problem untill i plugged direct in to the desk.
14 months old now so out of warrantee any ideas thanks
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Pure guess here but those tubes are dual triodes and maybe one half of the tube is faulty?

it doesn't use actual tubes so that can't be the issue
No, it uses a 12ax7 in the boost circuit. Personally I would have rather had that switch to be an assignable function. The boost is kind of crap.
it does have a tube and i have some on they're way so when they arrive i'll swop one and see.
actually the tube does make a difference in front of a valve amp gives it a real nice tone mind you didn't think it would effect the stereo out thanks for the tip