I just purchased a Yamaha apx 500 a Month ago and, i decided to put a gstyle harley benton pickguard on it. But now i hate how it looks with it on, and i Think about removing it, Will there be a tan line (brighter where the pickguard was) from a pickguard being on there for 1 month? And Will it damage my guitar if i removing it with a hair dryer
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After one month I wouldn't worry about a tan line, except if your guitar baked in the sun for hours and hours.
I'd worry more about the lacquer being pulled off when removing the pickguard.

And while having no experience whatsoever with using a hair dryer on a guitar, I'd vote no . . .
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I just removed the Pick guard, and there is a very little tan Line its hard to see when you are 2 meters away from the guitar, the only problem is that the Wood is a little sticky becauSe of the glue, i couldnt get all the glue off, but i dont know if it Will get off by time i just dont hope i didnt damaged the glue inside the guitar because of the heat from the hairdryer
Thank you, Will it damage the Wood ? I dont know if i Can buy it in Denmark, Can i use normal lighter fuel (gas)
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