There was a slow speed car case in which the fleeing car got stopped when a pedestrian stood in front of the car, not allowing him to move. The police roll in quickly, arrest the driver, and the pedestrian.

The chase ended, when police cuffed the man behind the wheel -- and the man who stopped him.

cops really getting out of hand.
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it's all coming back

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I just saw that. The pedestrian also pushed the guy over a cop car hood like he thought he was the one making the arrest.
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sometimes they just make it worse thinking they're helping which I get (not worthy of arrest imo) but this is like come on.
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cops really getting out of hand.

They cuffed him. Plus, from the link:
Police said they have not arrested the pedestrian but have taken him in to talk to him.

Stop sensationalizing shit to hop on the "lol police are bad" bandwagon.
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at least they didnt kill him????