Hi, guys!
I'm trying to "get into" Rush's music. Could you guys recommend an album that is a good listen? Do they have some songs that are fun and challenging on guitar?

In advance, thank you.
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Yeah man I'm a big Rush fan. Especially their 70's stuff. Alex Lifeson is one of the best and most complex guitar players of all time. If you're into heavier stuff i would recommend their first album, which is their self titled album. Moving Pictures and Fly by Night are good albums as well.
If you like huge synth sounds all over the place, try Power Windows and Signals. Both are so awash with synths that it'll blow your mind and have you humming the tunes all day.

If you like a blend of synths and rock type of sounds, try Moving Pictures. It's their biggest hit album with very catchy songs.

If you like minimal synths and more of a hard rock type of sound, as well as a few long-ass songs, try A Farewell To Kings and its sibling Hemispheres. Some of the high-piched vocals are insane, and the songs are epic masterpieces.

If you like NO synths and a Led Zeppelin type of sound, try their self-titled debut album. Plenty of fun songs to just rock out and nod your head.

If you like bland rock that sounds like it's on autopilot, with nasal vocals, try anything from Test For Echo to the present day. Just a bunch of boring-ass songs that all sound the same, yet people still want them to make more albums of that shit.
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A challenging guitar song is "Spirit of Radio", lots of hammer-on, pull-offs makes for an interesting start to the song. "Freewill" has some good licks.

Moving Pictures is probably the quintessential album by them. Some would say 2112 but MP has bigger hits.
Their debut album has a lot of good stuff on it to lean from as well.

From 2112, I would suggest Something For Nothing and Passage To Bangkok to start off with for learning.

Moving Pictures is also a very good suggestion.

Also, check out Exit Stage Left, in particular try learning Broon's Bane.

Jacob's Ladder, Freewill are great songs to play.
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2112 is the perfect rock album! Killer riffs and awesome solos. Caress of Steel is also amazing!
Rush is like anime—it seems profound when you’re fourteen. But most people are over it by the time they turn fifteen, so if you don’t get it, don’t worry, you’re not alone.
I agree with all these people saying Moving pictures. It's an incredible album and I'm not much of a Rush fan in general. Check out YYZ from it in particular, that is great fun to play (if you can!). Also, Tom Sawyer. I thought it was a Led Zeppelin track the first time I heard that one.
i would just watch the "Beyond the lighted stage" documentary! its on youtube and makes you feel a bit connected to the band!