I've been looking at upgrading my schecter hellraiser recently with new pickups because let's face it, emg's are awful, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of good punchy and bright pickups for around the £200/$ mark

preferably passive but actives are welcome because it's cheaper to have actives changed to actives than actives to passives.

thanks in advance!

Lace Alumitone Deathbuckers or their signature pickups- Dirty Heshers, Dissonant Aggressors, Finger Burners, etc.

RailHammer Chisels or Anvils

Tesla VR Extreme or Plasma series
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I'm pretty sure that if actives are an option and you're looking for bright, you should look at Seymour Duncan Blackouts.
Dimarzio X2N Bridge and The Breed in the Neck

Should be up your alley.
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Duncan Full Shred in the neck and a JB in the bridge

Another choice are the Dimarzio D Activators. They are supposed to have the output of an active out in a passive design
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Everyone's going to have their opinions but frankly we need to know what style of metal you play and what your other gear is, especially your amp.

(Early second on danny's recs though. Love my Dissonant Aggressors. Very punchy in the low mids.)
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Check out the DiMarzio Breed set or the Seymour Duncan Alternative 8 bridge / Pearly Gates neck.
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