Hi, could you put a 8th string instead of a 7th string on your guitar and tune it as if it was the 8th string on the guitar? would it sound okay? Could it cause damage to the neck for putting more tension on it? does any one have experience trying this? thanks
So you just want to get a 7 string guitar tuned down to 8 string range? No problem. Just need heavy strings. You might want to go extra heavy, just because a lot of 8 string guitars have a slightly longer scale length. But yeah, heavy strings and a set up should be all you need. Some people tune that low with 6 strings, even.
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Yeah, just buy an 8 string pack (btw my favorite are the D'Addario EXL140s) and ditch whatever string you need. With the extra tension (or lack thereof depending on tuning) you may need to adjust the truss rod a bit but beyond that you're good.
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You can... though it does depend on the guitar whether that will sound good or not.
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you may need minor modifications. you may need to file the nut. also you may need to ream out the tuner. also it may be hard to intonate.

you could be fine, it just depends on the gauge of the string and your guitar.
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