I notice they have quite a number of guitars on ebay that are marked 'factory 2nd' on them. In your opinion would those be safe to buy? Would that be any different from a 'Blemished' or 'Scratch and Dent" guitar?
Factory Second usually means a really good deal. Unless you see damage near a crucial join- something most reputable makers wouldn't let out of the shop- they're 100% as good sounding as their unblemished cousins.
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Yeah I got afew Factory 2nd guitars over the years if your happy to except a Non prefect Paint job Go for it, make sure you read the details to make sure it only cosmetic issues ( there should be photo's etc ) But only pay Half the retail price.

but honestly if you want a GOOD guitar cheap, Check ebay for second hand and check under $200 and look at both ending soon and newly listed, some of the bargains I've gotten over the years were Super ibanez RG Japan for $160 with Hard case, a USA Kramer neck thru body for $100 and a USA Charvel bass with a Mex Telecaster throw in both with hard cases for $180 !! plus afew more

Be patient it will pay off ,. I have lost alot for not bidding $5 or $10 more and not being there at the final few second,( not too upsetting since i already have 30+ guitars ) but there are ALOT of real bargains on ebay.
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