I listened to See the light, I like the funky intro and the song is really good, just too short to me =).

However I prefer take the plunge too, especially the bass and the guitars.

The general quality of your songs is really good, there is a good mix and no mistakes in the recording I think. I don't know what you can improve actually =)

The only thing I "don't like" is sometimes the vocals, I think there are too much effects into it, but I think it depends on everyone's taste^^

I let you a link to my song, if you want to look at it =)

Orphenae -Midgard

Cheers !
Song: See The Light

I'm not sure how to categorize this song. It's very different. The vocal style and intro reminded me of Frank Zappa. There are some very interesting synth noises and phrases in the latter half of the track.

1:00 - The synth phrasing here is really cool. The rhythm almost sounds like a video game.

Song: Take the Plunge Too

I definitely get the 'underwater' feel from this track. The bubbly sounding bass sounds almost like a snorkel.

Parts of the track that caught my attention:
1:06 - I dig that chord progression.

1:30 - The vocals come in a bit strong and overpower the instrumentation, perhaps the levels might need to be rolled down a little?

I don't really have any criticism of the content here, but I thank you for sharing as these tracks made for an interesting listen.

Could you please check out my track "Cryptnapped" at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1677497 ?

See the Light -

Interesting. Pretty different from anything else i've heard lately.. reminds me of Gary Numan/Tubeway Army, and some INXS and maybe a little Talking Heads. High Quality recordings, but maybe not mixed the way I would mix it... Not saying it's bad though. Small timing issues with bass and drums, if you want a tight sound try to sync up the bass guitar with the bass kick of the drums. I can't stress enough that a solid rhythm section will go a long long way and is very important. Overall, nice job, keep doing your thing, you've been doing this for a while which is great to see. Guitar tone was really cool.
See The Light:

Not a fan of that double vocal that comes in at around the 50 second mark, I feel it's a bit too jarring. The synth phrasing of the next part is stellar, along with that kick drum being a monster. Produced very well.

Take the Plunge Too:

Lovely bass tone along with a killer guitar tone. I feel as if the drums could be a little more up beat or have more swing, or maybe a slight increase in tempo. Much prefer the vocals on this track. Phrasing of bassline is excellent during the chorus. Solo suits the style of the song. Love the Wah part lol. Again produced very well.

Thanks for the crit on my song man!
Holy hell you're prolific aardvark. I'm curious do you sell to music libraries? Anyway I liked the vocals on see the light, I agree with the previous poster though, I'd lose the double. You're drums sound meatier than I generally remember them, defiantly a plus.

I'm getting an error message on Take the Plunge, sorry won't play.

Thanks for the crit!
pierrejo, silvadolla, Mistysunshine, Skint out, SweetenerCorp,
Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! I have not sold music to music libraries, not sure how that would work.... Well I did look around on the internet for about 20 minutes concerning that. Not sure my tunes would work in film, TV, or commercials very well. It would be nice to make money on a hobby though. Now that you mention it, someone I know, that made a movie concerning Satan worship (yes he really does that) was interested in my music. I don't want my tunes in a movie about worshipping Satan though.
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Thanks for the review on my song aaron aardvark.

See the light: I like the goofy funk groove you have going, but I wasn't much of a fan of the double vocals and the effects on it. Other than that, the production and mixing is very well done.

Take the Plunge too: Very cool bass line, and the vocals are better here. If you had a fuller drum sound, it would add some synergy to this tune. Sweet tune overall!
You must be influenced by T-Rex. Maybe it's the vocals... it has modern influences, but also that New Wave vibe... nice mix of genres.
Damn the plunge is funky as ****! That bass is freaking awesome.

The vocals are nice as usual. But they seem to overpower the rest of the tracks a bit. The harmony vocals are a bit off too.

After the verse the electronic part is freaking superb, like all the good of 80's synth pop.

Damn that part is fantastic, solid outro as well.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
Hello AaronAardvark, thanks for the crit on my track.

See The Light:
As usual for you, a very neat and professional sound. I liked the synth stuff going on towards the end, particularly the sweep of the panning from left to right. I felt that the bass was a tad loud and twangy near the start - I would have preferred a little less mid to it and a little more low end. Still, very little to complain about.

Cant seem to get Take the Plunge Too to work. I'll check back in a bit and see if I can get it going.
Hey Aaron,

I'm afraid I have to echo that Take The Plunge Too isn't playing for me- I thought it was a connection issue and it still might be, but I couldn't listen to it at all. I also only got 20 seconds of See the Light. What I heard was good, not what I expected from you style wise, and very well produced- you've definitely improved since I last gave you a listen! I'll try again if I get access to a better connection. Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about you!
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Quote by Vlaco
Hey Aaron,

I'm afraid I have to echo that Take The Plunge Too isn't playing for me- I thought it was a connection issue and it still might be, but I couldn't listen to it at all. I also only got 20 seconds of See the Light. What I heard was good, not what I expected from you style wise, and very well produced- you've definitely improved since I last gave you a listen! I'll try again if I get access to a better connection. Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about you!

Thank you for letting me know! "Take The Plunge Too" wasn't playing for me today either, so I uploaded it again and now it is playing for me. "See The Light" plays all the way through for me still.
Okay, I've got them working now.

See the Light- I'm seriously envious of the drum sound. It's great! The synths are awesome too. The mix is very well balanced, I can hear everything clearly. The only complaint is that it's short, but I've written songs before that end up at under two minutes and I just can't bring myself to add anything to, so I can't really fault you for that. Leaving the listener wanting more is not a bad thing.

Take the Plunge is also well mixed. The guitar sound is nice- if that's a fuzz pedal I'd love to know which one it is. Timing on everything is immaculate. If I was to pick on anything it would be that the vocals aren't as articulate as they could be- there were moments where I wasn't sure what the lyrics were. Maybe that's the effects, but if it is, I don't know that I would turn them down, because the effect fits well with the rest of the song.

Glad I got to actually hear them and knock this off of my to-do list :p
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Thanks for checking out my song Thor's Hammer.

See the light sounded great, only thing I would change is the vocals were a bit too loud.
Take the plunge too was more my style, thats a great track! It reminded me of Ted Nuget or U2's song Bullet the Blue Sky. Really great groove going on in this one.

Keep it up man.

Also if you'd like to check out my other work I'd greatly appreciate it, here is a link to my youtube where I upload most my music. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-VtqS6yGfp3cwNUQ75HPlg
Hey man, thanks for the crit as per! (sorry for the late reply but better late than never!) So here's for See The Light:

Definitely got the trademark aaron sound to it like usual with some daring vocal melodies which are quite out there. Kudos for the layered effect/double tracked vocals as I find this works well to get parts to stand out. All feels very David Bowie-esque on this track with the funky/retro instrumentation, I dig it.

Only reservation is the mix really! The drums just need a bit more oomph/compression/eq'ing to bring them forward a bit in the mix against your vocals and the synth. Other than that though it's exactly what I'd expect from you, good work.
Vlaco, xevious1, & salamander121,
Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! "See The Light" has toontrack Superior Drummer2 (two separate tracks) set up for a gated reverb sound on one track, the other track was mostly for cymbals without the gated reverb (and I added reverb for more sustain). On "Take The Plunge Too", there is no fuzz pedal, just an old Roland COSM amp model, I forget which one. I didn't feel my vocals (especially for the "daring" chorus) were strong enough to be repeated, so that's why the song was as short as it is. "Bullet The Blue Sky" is my favorite U2 song, I suppose the verse bass riff is a bit similar on "Take The Plunge", though in my mind the bass tone was closer to Pink Floyd, but not far from "Bullet the Blue Sky".
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see the light: in general the sort of electronica i listen to have the drums really dominate the mix. i'm not sure if the low/spacey drum sound on this is just part of the style or what. i don't really know this style of music so i'm not really comfortable commenting on it

take the plunge too: the super reverby vocals are kinda cool. you sound very confident which helps carry the performance. i think the cymbals are a little too dominant in the mix and the snare could be louder. the bass sounds like it's dragging behind the beat in some places during the intro. i like the groove and general vibe on this song though
See the Light:
I looove the synth lines.
About the mix: The only thing that comes a bit weak are the drums. I think they should be a little louder in my opinion.
Other than that i love the track. It realy has your unique Aaron sound haha

Can't really get Take the plunge too to work properly so i'll try again later today.
Good work as always Aaron.
I like your music man! Nice use of effects and love the bass especially!

Hi aaron!

Thank you very much for your comment. I listened to See the Light, Take the Plunge Too.

Take the plunge feedback:

I think this is a very good piece of music with its own feel, very well chosen instrumentation and nice vocals!!! So are most of your other songs!

That said, some listeners might be put off by the long-ish intro without much going on. At least I'm very easily distracted as a listener and want more immediate action.

Also, the emotional parts where the vocals melody goes up I think could stand out a bit more (maybe an extra guitar part with an effect over it?) and be louder. I think the notes are high for you (not too high, though) but you somehow choose not to make them loud, which evens out the whole sound and takes away from the dynamics of the song a little. Again, this might be by design or you are somehow tailoring your pieces to the radio format which I know nothing of.

Again, overall I feel that you want to say something with your music and that counts with me a lot. Keep up the good work!!
See the Light feedback:

1 Roll back the volume on the back vocals (some people use more reverb+echo on them to keep them from overpowering the lead vocal, maybe you should give it a go too?)
2 Please pump up the instrumentation here. The feel is so nice. It seems to me that you artificially keep the volume level on a leash. You did a very nice job with your vocals but the music itself doesn't support the amibition in your voice and that makes it a bit less emotional than it could be. I just like the ones that cut right through to the heart and I feel that your song could be one of them!
3 Keep up the good work. Your songs really communicate feelings and make people feel things!
See The Light: Intro quite funky. Has a very strong 80's vibe, I can almost imagine Clint Eastwood rolling up at a cafe in a Mustang when the wah wah kicks in .

Phrasing is nice, noises are damn trippy. Love the synth bits. Only criticism is, the vocals seem a bit loud in the mix. And it seems to be a bit lo fi, especially since the rest of the mix is quite clear. And you might try raising the drums a Db or to.

Take THe Plunge Too: Very bluesy intro bassline. Bass maybe a little too loud? Nice leads at the back. Very atmospheric. I didn't like the tones on the rhythm guitar much, needs more balanced EQ i felt, sounded a bit honky and didnt have that thick creamy sound that I personally prefer. Same comment about vocals being a mite too loud. The song itself, sounds very funky and bluesy. Love the main solo. Very Satriani-ish.