Hey guys, I haven't posted on this forum before so if this thread isn't in the right board, feel free to move it.

I was wondering if anyone could transcribe the chords for this song:


I can't find chords for it anywhere on the internet, but I'm sure for someone more experienced than I am it wouldn't be too difficult.
which part exactly? There are more than one option for most parts, since the scale is not constraint. First part goes Cm. I played mostly Cm(1) - D#M(3) and A(7). Numbers as in number of note in the scale. It switchesat the chorus part(im not sure if its the chorus actually)."we used to love ourselves etc." ->cm G A# and then "stiches" thing -> Fm G# Cm A# G# AND THEN G(i did aug here). he goes down to F at the end of chorus, dont thnk u shud do a chord here F# D# G notes shud ring fine. But there is more than one way. So its your call really.