Hi guys I had a question for the experts here.
I finished transcribing this song in text format, I'm a noob at writing in guitar pro.

I was lucky that all the stuff I wrote in guitar pro so far was 4/4 time.
As I wrote this in tuxguitar, When the riff ends there's blank space at the end of the bar/measure.

I know how to count out tempos no problem, But I'm having problems counting
out time signatures/beats?

Can anyone help me, I've added a youtube link to the song.
It starts at a very slow 6/8. At 1:06 it changes to 4/4 in double time. Then it changes back and forth throughout the song.

6/8 has 2 beats per bar. Beat 1 is on the kick, beat 2 is on the snare. That's the beat you'd nod your head to. If you can count "1 and a 2 and a" then it's probably 6/8.
Thank you so much, this was starting to drive me crazy. Ive never heard of 6/8

I'm guessing the part at 2:30 is 6/8? I wrote it in tuxguitar and it sounded very off in 4/4
^ No. That part is in 4/4. The tempo is around 70 bpm. In that riff the guitars play 8ths all the time.

Learn to count the beat and it shouldn't be hard.

In this song you can count 8ths all the time, because it's pretty slow. Just tap your foot to the 8ths and figure out how many 8th notes there are per bar. If there are 8 8th notes per bar, it's in 4/4. If there are 6 8th notes per bar, it's in 6/8.
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^ Thanks for clarifying the part at 2:30.
I need to learn to count the beats in a song, if only it wasn't for my arch nemesis math