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I may have just aquired a Schecter Jazz 7. It's a black semi-hollow seven string. Well, my question is, does anyone have any info on this guitar? How many were made? What did they sell for? What are they worth now? They aren't in the Schecter Vault and I've seen very little on the internet.
Check the first two digits of the serial number to get the year. Download that year's catalog from schecter's website. I know I've seen the jazz models in their old catalogs before. That'll tell you the specs. As for the other questions, it was a mass produced model, just like any other diamond series Schecter, so there's probably thousands upon thousands of them out there. It's more or less the same thing that they still make under the "corsair" name. So, probably sold for more than 500 but less than 1000 new. I'd guess like the 6-700 range. Unfortunately, Schecters don't hold their value used very well, mostly because of completely baseless brand prejudices. So, it's probably worth like 400-500 bucks, if it's in very good condition. Could easily be worth less, though. I've pretty regularly seen Schecter models that sold for 800+ new going for less than 400 used, in near mint condition.
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