Hi guys !

Here's my new song i just made. It's called Midgard (in reference to the city in FF7 haha). I tried to make a song which can be summed up by "the silence before the storm" haha

I let you the link, tell me what you think about it and post your link so I can check your stuff !

Orphenae - Midgard

Cheers !
Interesting chord progression catches the ear.

Loving the rythmn guitar tone, feel as if although the lead guitar could do with a bit more reverb.

Lead phrasing is unique, and sounds pretty cool.

nice change up at 2:25. Unsure what to think about the lead with the clean and distorted solo thing. The outro sounds pretty legit, could of done with stretching that out a couple more bars lol.

Overall its a pretty good song, production seems quite polished, along with FF7 being my favourite game of all time ahah. Good job and keep it up.

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I think we just C4C at the same time haha

Thanks for the crit. I had a lot of trouble with the lead clean/disto change actually and it didn't work as planned, so I did my best to fix haha. I record song with a frien because my laptop is strong enough to support all the VST, so we only had a day to figure it out.
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Thank you for the reviews! What state or country are you from? Now your tune: some good vocals wouldn't hurt, but otherwise everything (guitars, bass, drums) sounds quite good! Nice playing. Video quality/audio quality is good for something that I assume was done at home.
thanks, I come from France =)
Yep it's all homemade haha, I think some vocals would be great in my songs but I'm awful at singing and I don't know about what I can write^^
Thanks for the crit. Great production sounds great on my headphones. Your rhythm is great love the whole backbeat, but to me the lead guitar goes on a little too long during the start, I feel like you could trim it down a bit, but like you said we have different tastes, so maybe i'm not exactly your audience.
Yep thanks =)

And I start to think that I really miss some vocals in my songs haha, it's really hard to make an interesting lead for the whole song, but i'm so terrible at singing, it's awful haha
Very sweet stuff happening here. The transition around the middle of the second minute was fantastic and ended off very strong. The only critique I have is instead of the fade out ending, maybe you can extended the song a little bit just to tie it all up. Other than that, it's great. I read that you don't sing but you should definitely look into getting someone to do vocals on it, even though the leads were crazy good.

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Thanks man !

Yep, the end was a mess actually, I planned something before recording, and when I recorded I realized how **** up I was haha. In the first place, I wanted to add an other harmonic guitar but my computer couldn't take it and it freezed all the time. So I decided to change all at the last moment.

Yep, C4C done ! =)
Very nice progression on the intro, the follow up with the lead guitar is also good. Nice change of pass and I really like the bass lines.

The lead guitar could use some work and sounds a bit bland and out of place sometimes. Personally I'd drop it all together. That's just how I roll with instrumentals.

I really loved the change in 2:20, nice steady rhythm with a great chord progression. Damn that build up sounds fantastic and the head on part after it, amazing.

The guitar solo after it sounds really nice, but I think you could've done a bit better than a fade out outro.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
Thanks !!

Yep, I had lot of touble with the lead guitar. I had to improvise a lot in the song because I was not satisfied with what I wrote before recording.
However, I really appreciate that you like the part around 2:20 ^^ because for the rest of the song, lead can easily be replaced by vocals but this part no haha.
Hello pierrejo,

I really enjoyed this. The clean guitar part underneath the lead fits perfectly. The lead tone is cool too, although there is a bit too much repetition for me. Some vocals would diminish that feeling though.

This gave me a very Opethey feeling - which is always a good thing in my book. The build up to the end sounded really cool but it seemed to get a little out of control as you said and became a bit messy. It's a shame because the idea of what you were doing seemed great.

I know I of a all people cant really complain about snares - but I would say there is a section where the snare hits at the same time as a pedal Hi-Hat and sounded a touch odd to me. The crash cymbal at the end got a little wooshy too. Other than that the mix sounded pretty damn good.

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Typing as I listen. At first I think your lead tone needs beefing up slightly. Maybe a touch of delay and reverb would help it? Really cool themes coming through, they would fit right into a final fantasy game. The clean tone is really nice. The drum beat is also really cool, it really tightens the track up. Really nice slides, I like it. The build up section at 2:28 seems very Metallica influenced to me, it has a really dark, brooding feeling to it. The heavy section after also seems a lot like a Metallica themed track, in a very good way, it has a unique spin on it. I like the choice to fade out also. Really well mixed.

Good job, a really great track!

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