Im going on holiday for three weeks and wont be able to take my guitar
I was wondering what I can do to maintain my callouses and also hoping to learn a bit of music/guitar theory, as I know none! any suggestions on books or things I can do to help my playing so that I don't go backwards!
If you don't mind playing the acoustic when you are on your vacation then there are small size acoustic guitars that are easy to carry. I haven't played one but I've watched people playing them. I can't even afford to own a decent acoustic but If I could then I would surely buy a Taylor GS Mini. There may be some other brands that manufacture travel friendly acoustic guitars, search them online and then get to your local music stores and try playing them and see if you like that.
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if you have the disposable income you could always buy a cheap classical / acoustic. Wont be hard to find one under $100
You could always take a break and just enjoy the holiday....
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You could always take a break and just enjoy the holiday....

This, it's 3 weeks, not 3 years.
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