Hi everyone,

First of all, sorry if this have been posted a million times, or is in the wrong forum.

Second, i have been an avid user of Ultimate-Guitar for years, so thank you for all your work you guys. I picked up the guitar roughly 10 years ago, but have not given it much attention due to lack of motivation combined with time issues

Now, as of lately, i have realized that while i enjoy playing the guitar, i am a little stuck on the level that i am on right now (and probably have been for a long time).

I am able to play most songs that requires simple chords (i.e. everything without suspension chords or the like), and i am able to play simple finger picking. I dislike playing with a pick though.

I am looking for some sort of plan to follow in order to improve. I have studied many of the lessons on this site (most of which are great, by the way) but i seem to drown in material and therfore loose interest. Therefore, i need some sort of instruction like "weeks 1-4, do this, weeks 5-8, do this" etc. Timewise, i guess i can spare appr. 1 hour pr. day, so i do not aim at becoming a guitar god (at least not right now), but just improve in order to perhaps renew my interest in the instrument

I enjoy playing almost any kind of music, so that will not be a hindrance, and paying a reasonable fee for the material will not be a limitation either.

I look forward to your suggestions, and thanks in advance

You're welcome.

Justin's beginner course is free, although he does sell course materials. I think the intermediate courses cost money.

If you don't know or understand extended chords, particularly sus4 chords, you should start at the beginner's level. Even if you can breeze through it, it won't hurt to use it as a refresher.

BTW, Justin's guitar courses are likely the most often recommended, and highly thought of, on the web.
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i second the endorsement of Justinguitar.com.

im also self taught (about 8 months)... i mostly learn songs as opposed to the course.. but the bits of the course ive done are fantastic, very organized and structured.

There are a few other great teachers online (mart schwartz\guitar jamz, jenn trany (sp?) on mahalot.com(sp?), and 'nail guitar').. all great.

of them all, Justin offers the most elaborate and regimented course out there - and it sounds like thats what you want.