Recently I've decided to upgrade my Loop Station to an Boss RC-30 so that I can loop not only my guitar, but also my keyboard and vocals.

After deciding this, I realized I have no clue on how to set this up with regards to the output.. Of course I would want my guitar to go to the guitar amp, but for the keyboard and vocals I would want to go through a PA speaker or keyboard amp.

My question is, Is this possible to run two separate outputs (1. guitar, 2. everything else)? (As the output for the Boss RC-30 is "L/Mono, R"), Would I have to get a mixer if I went the PA speaker route? Or could this be done with say a piano amp?

Sorry for the 'newb' like question, but I am completely clueless on this issue..

for reference, I got the idea from this video:
At a guess, you'd mike the guitar and feed that into the looper. Then send everything out to a PA-style setup (you need that for the keys and the vocals).

I've been doing something similar with keys, bass and modeled guitar, in that they all go through the same mixer and out to a PA-style amp/speaker system