I need a bass guitar and I don't know a lot about it since I'm a guitar player.
My goal is to have a decent bass but my budget is low, as low as possibile without getting a piece of junk.
Also, do I need an amp or can I go directly into the PA?
I live in Europe, Italy to be exact.
You don't necessarily need an amp (though I think it's a good thing to have) - you could get a DI box. I have heard that Behringer makes a good cheap copy of the Tech21 Sansamp Bass Driver.

I would suggest going to a music store and trying some basses. If you found a bass that you liked, look at the used market, and you may find the same bass for a lot cheaper. People say good things about the Squier Classic Vibe series. Ibanez SR series is also a common choice.
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If you own a P.A. system - or if you have access to a P.A. system at the places where you play - then you can always go direct. You just need a D.I. box and two cords. Is this a good idea? Well; it depends on your P.A. system. If it is a good one with plenty of power, then it will work fine. If it is one of the small systems that is designed to handle vocals only, then it would not be a good idea.

As for what basses to consider; we need to know what brands are available in the area of Italy where you reside. And are you willing to buy a used instrument? Are there used instruments available in your area?
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You do not need an amp.
You can buy a DI Box or a SansAmp, or something like the Yamaha PB-1 Bass Preamp and do quite well, as long as the house PA can handle a bass.

You can find used Yammie's for sale around $200. Those who are connoisseurs of such things claim that this is the Pre to own. I have access to 2, and the support company who is taking care of me is selling the one I recorded with back in 07 because they have the 2 better specimens.

Play as many basses as you can. Even those that you do not like the look of.
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I recommend trying out the BTB450 if you can find one, but you will never catch hell for showing up with a Jazz Style Bass. People with small hands love that bass.
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