I'm building a jazzmaster on my own. It's not my first self-built guitar but it is the first where I'm not doing 'the standard'. I wanted to do 2 SD antiquity II Jazzmaster pickups, 1 three-way toggle switch and 1 volume knob. I've been looking for wiring diagrams for this on the internet but I couldn't find any so that's why I'm asking you guys.
The closest I got was a standard tele 3-way toggle switch diagram but now I've still got to remove the tone knob. Is it Ok if I just lead the wires from the volume knob to the output jack through, skipping all the wires coming from and leading to the tone knob? So my plan was to just lead the 'thin' and the 'thick' wire coming from the volume knob right at the output jack (the thick wire already goes straight to the output jack). Am I incredibly stupid or am I guessing right?

The diagram was too large to upload so here's the link: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=standard_tele

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this is one of the few seymour duncan diagrams that don't work actually so I'm glad you didn't try it. This comes from a guy who has wired at least 15-20 teles and similar schematics.

guitarelectronics.com wiring diagram work better for teles. Remember with the ground wire it trails out. That is the only thing bad I can say about their diagrams but they are very resourceful.

try this diagram instead, you can skip the tone all together or you can turn the tone knob into a second volume or have fun with it like the fender greasebucket (bass cut) or a mid scoop i bring up a lot on here.