OK guys, I searched this site and didn't find answers that were specific enough for me, so here goes. I've played guitar for a while, and just now got to where I feel comfortable dropping a little change on a setup. I'm starting fresh, and don't know alot about gear, but I have a decent grasp on the basics. I have a budget of $2000 ( can go over a few hundred if you guys think it's worth it). I really dig Emarosa's gitar "sound" I guess? It's what I want out of a setup. So if ya'll would be so inclined to give me tips/reccomendations on guitars/amps/effects, that'd be great. EQ advice and the like would help too! Thanks so much! Heres an example of what I'm after. I like the gritty parts, but it still sounds somewhat clean in the verses. Well, atleast all of the notes are recognizable. Thanks again!