I get buzz on all frets with the high E string, even with very high action. The string isn't touching higher frets, so that's not the problem
Is it possible that my bridge is causing the buzz? (LP)
This is the only explanation I can think of, because even on the last fret, the note sounds weak.
What can cause a bridge to make the string buzz? What can I do besides buying a new bridge?
Should I try filing it down just a bit and see if it does anything?
I imagine it's more likely the nut.

What kind of a bridge is it? If the problem's there you would just have to replace the individual saddle, not the entire bridge.
Yep, check to saddle and nut and make sure the string isn't hung up on a burr or something.
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It's one of those Epiphone locking bridges or whatever they're called. Basically a simple LP bridge which doesn't fall off.
I don't see how the nut or the truss rod could cause this. My understanding is that if the nut is too low, you get open string buzz or sharp notes on the lower frets if it's too high, but this problem happens even on the higher frets.
I did change the nut and had to make some adjustments, so I'll try putting a bit of paper under the string just to be sure.
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