I didn't even know they had 1 sequel, let alone another...

Which one is this? Human Centipede 3: Straight to VOD?
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First one was garbage. The others probably are as well.
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But what's worse, the pain or the hangover?
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With the mind-boggling five-hundred person centipede now complete, Governor Hughes arrives and is disgusted at what he sees. Not only has a Human Centipede been created, but a 'Human Caterpillar' has also been created out of the inmates serving life sentences. This is the same as a Human Centipede, only the limbs of the victims have been removed, meaning they cannot move. Shockingly, Daisy has also been accidentally sewn into the Centipede. Hughes concludes that Dwight and Bill are insane and should get the death penalty before leaving the prison in abhorrence.

Bill murders the lead doctor before turning the gun on Dwight. Hughes then returns to the prison, with a sudden change of heart, stating that the Centipede punishment is 'exactly what America needs'.

The film ends with Dwight and Bill celebrating their success. Dwight is shot and killed for trying to take credit for the idea, even though it was his idea in the first place. We then see Bill dancing and screaming, naked, in the watch tower whilst watching over the prison centipede.

The most horrific thing about all this is that Eric Roberts is in it.
I hope it goes really well and they combined their strength to become this super human centipede thing that fights sharks and dinosaurs.
wait what. had no idea the third one came out already.

not gonna lie, i had fun watching the first one. it was incredibly stupid but sometimes you gotta watch a stupid horror film with your buds for the laughs, ya know?
still my fav username on this site tho