This one's been a long time in the making. I like to think that it's nearly done, but... y'know. GAS

So, this strat started off as my first guitar. A brand new Squier Affinity Strat I got for a birthday present from my grandparents back in 2006.

It looked something like this:

The first changes started to be made in probably around 2010 when I painted the pickguard red and put a black widow graphic on it. Yeah, I had good taste

The next change came in around 2010 when I decided I was growing up a bid and decided to make a more 'grown up' looking guitar. I stripped the paint off the body and resprayed it red and replaced the red widow pickguard with a plain black plastic one that my Dad had custom cut (being a Squier, some of the holes were in different places to a Fender one).
I also replaced the tuners and plastics with black ones and sanded the logo off the headstock.
Annoyingly, I only have one photo of this version, but I think it looked quite good

So, fast forward to early last year.
I kinda got bored of the chipped red paint and decided it was time to give it a respray.
I was browsing the Halfords site and found a colour I liked which was "Rover gunmetal".
It took so long to get a finish I was happy with that I finally gave up and left it wish dull, rough textured paint earlier this year.
In the mean time, In May last year I ordered a new neck because I really (and still do) hate the big strat headstock. I went for a Mighty Mite maple 22 jumbo fret one that annoyingly I had to import from the US, then shim to get a snug fit. While the paint fiasco happened, I leveled, crowned and polished the frets and now they're like mirrors.

The Wiring:
This is where it gets complicated.
My goal was to create an incredibly veratile guitar:
DiMarzio Air Norton S (Neck),
DiMarzio FRED (Bridge),
3 way toggle position selector,
2 vol, 1 tone (CTS),
2 x 3 way mini toggles (parallel, coil split, full humbucker)
Switchcraft output jack.

Other Stuff:
The bridge has been replaced with a higher quality cast steel trem with steel block saddles (in black because reasons).
I deliberately went for an oversized block for two reasons; more sustain and to completely stop it from the moving in the trem cavity (I block all of my trems).

Continued in next post
To Do:
For starters, the pickguard that's on it now is only temporary and was only used to test the wiring and layout (also custom made by my Dad). The final version is going to be made from a material called Dibond. It's a laminated aluminium/plastic/aluminium sandwich that's got a really cool look to it when the edges are bevelled (pic ). It's also good for shielding and grounding.
Also, I need to get some string retainers since it's not an angled headstock. I might actually use the old bar type I removed from my Ibanez since I have it sitting around.
The finishing touches will be to put my logo on the headstock because although it started off as the cheapest Squier strat on the market, the only squier part now is the body. It's now it's own thing.

I am going to put the original serial number on the back of the headstock though. There's some things that need to stay original


Thanks for reading through all of that!
that's beautiful man, I love that color! ive heard good things about the fred. let us know how you like it!

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i dig it. i really love the color scheme, and also i love the black tuners against the light maple headstock.

nice wiring scheme as well, gives you plenty of options.
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Thanks guys!
I've used FREDs before (technically the one in this is second hand since it used to be in one of my Ibanezes) and I really like them. They have good clarity and attack while not being too hot.
They most certainly dj... uh.. djeI can't. dare I say it? They djent, okay?
Congrats on the custom axe!
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Nice guitar, bud!

The wiring looks pretty interesting. Mind if I save it for future projects?
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The wiring looks pretty interesting. Mind if I save it for future projects?

Sure! It's not my schematic though, it came from GuitarElectronics.
The pickguard layout doesn't work, btw. It's just a mockup to show where things were going. The final version had pretty much everything moved around - even the neck pocket!
Guitar looks friggin wicked man. Great job
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that looks killer.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
Looks fantastic. Sorta reminds me of a Charvel now.
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So, I just found out that one of the mini toggles was faulty, so props to them, Axesrus (where I got the parts) just sent me a replacement Should get it back in action fairly soon!

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Looks fantastic. Sorta reminds me of a Charvel now.

Well, funnily enough, I was originally going to paint it candy blue like a So Cal (maple neck, dual bucker and black scratchplate)
That pickguard is freakin tight! I'd play it. Looks great. One thing I love about those guitars in particular (I bought one for my mom awhile back) is how lightweight they are. You can move around very easy with them. Seems like they'd be fun to trick out. Any idea how much money went into this?
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That pickguard is freakin tight! I'd play it.

Woo! Thanks

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Seems like they'd be fun to trick out. Any idea how much money went into this?

Depends how you calculate it really; If you include the guitar or not makes a difference.
The guitar (with amp) originally was about £185.
The neck (Mighty Mite maple 22 fret with jumbo frets) was £60ish but import fees were like £30.
The majority of the parts came from axesrus and total at around £240ish (pickups, bridge, tuners, wiring parts, etc.)
The scratchplate will be made of offcuts from my Dad's engineering company, so something like the equivalent of £15.
Paint was like £50 in total because I screwed it up several times.
In total, I'm guessing about £575, but that's over about 6 years and only the £240 was from this current build
God hard, or go home right? You ended up with a killer guitar. I've been considering going with Mighty Mite in order to get an ebony fingerboard on a strat. But that thing just looks like an absolute joy to play. H kinda NGD!
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Yes, and people still got polio and you had to crank your car up by hand and put whale oil in the lamps every night.

Things are better now.

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Style is in the hands. Taste is in the hands. But tone? Tone is in the gear.