i am going to start to work on getting my effects in order. i have came to the conclusion that i need a loop selector. and i could use an A/B or two as well.

i have previously purchased from bestronics, and i had a good transaction. i bought a bunch of nice cable and switchcraft jacks for my pedal board.

i would only really need boxes, switches, jacks and i am not sure if i am going to go the lighting route. if i do go the lighting route, how long does a 9V last with a pair of LED's? i assume very long.

what parts should i get? specifically, if you can or at least with a bit of guidance.

should i shop somewhere else? i am not afraid to find a different dealer.

i am in the US if that matters at all. i have plenty of good cloth covered wire from amp builds, and can solder.
^ looks great.

where is the best place to get parts from?

what exact switches do i need? What value resistor?
Check Smallbear.com
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Theres more there on Smallbear.
As for resistors, depends on the LEDs. Start with 4.7k and work your way up.
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i was comparing prices on besttronics and smallbeat, and i also need some more pancake jacks for my board, BUT smallbear is $1.00 higher than besttronics. thats a lot, it looks like i have more comparing to do.