i've just picked up a guitar (after quite a while playing bass) i'm all over the board with music that i like, hard technical metal, to smooth grooving jazz runs, i'm into all kinds of stuff...lately i've been wanting to get into playing bands like seether, and chevelle, incubus...more catchy stuff i guess...vs actual being super technical...anywho! i'm very very new at guitar...and i can read tabs...i want to get beyond tabs...learning music by ear, learning chords , ect ect, i want to learn the foundation to become a good guitar player, i don't want to just be that flashy guy that just shreds (though that looks fun) i wan't to learn rhythms and full chords and all that , i want to learn chords, modes, song structure, i think you get the idea...anyone have any advice they can give me? or any you tube videos or anything where i can kind of get my bearing and start learning the right stuff? i want to learn properly , so to speak! thanks for reading my post! have a great day friends!
For a lot of the stuff you are talking about I'd say just learn as many songs as possible. One of my favorite guitarists, Chris Letchford of Scale the Summit, said the best tool he had as a kid learning to play the guitar was learning a new song or part of a song every day.

Beyond that for more technical theory knowledge there are plenty of online courses you could learn from on youtube. Josh from Sylosis has a great lesson on the modes. You could also invest in a teacher and lessons but I'm assuming you mean learning on the cheap.
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You need a good guitar teacher

To learn by ear, start listening to the song and then try to play it, it is that easy....err hard. It gets easier with time.
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I'm a fan of Marty Schwartz on you tube, his teaching style is great and good fun to play along with. he has beginner to intermediate lessons, and the intermediate ones cover all kinds of cool theory. worth a look.
thanks guys! I do plan on investing money into getting a good teacher, theres a couple really good local smaller music shops in the area, i'm just trying to find a teacher thats right for me , in the meantime i figured i'd ask people with more knowledge than myself :P about what tools i have at my disposal for learning, and seeing as how pretty much EVERYTHING is on the internet these days i figured it was worth an asking , thanks again guys
the justin guitar beginner and intermediate courses are pretty good and free (though he accepts donations).
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The best thing you can do is play to a click. Everything else comes with practice and study, but playing in time is paramount.

EDIT: which should be common knowledge since you play bass. Carry on
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