i'm choosing to buy between Mustang III (V2) and AMPLIFi 75/150, looking for opinions on the pros and cons of both and want to know some things about the amplifi.

is the amplifi 75 enough for playing in a band or should it be 150?
have they fix the bluetooth connection issue? if not, how bad is it

UPDATE: i'm into rock music, but some occasional soft music
if you've got other amp suggestions, comment below.
i'm looking for amp that has some effects,
price range:$400 max
better if i can connect to PC and/or has a line in for 3.5mm audio jack
loud enough in a band
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I can't say I would go for either.

What genre of music?
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I don't know anything about the Amplifis, but I have a Mustang III and it barely cuts it practicing, playing live I get completely drowned out. If you are looking for an amp for a band setting and like the Mustangs you might want to go for the Mustang IV, its just like a III but its a 212.
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Buy the 150 Amplifi if you're going to be in a band.

Bluetooth can have range and interference issues and there have been reports of the app crashing (though this seems to be more dependent on the individual device). I know you'll recall iPhone antenna issues on some of the 4-series phones, which is why "bumpers" were free from Apple for a while. Those were to keep your fingers off specific areas of the phone. The 5 series fixed those issues (near as I can tell) and the 6 series is fine. Early versions of the app garnered some crash reports; I haven't heard of anything current.

I have no idea how it's doing with Android (now that the Android app is out there).
mostly rock music. if you've got other amps to recommend, please do.
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