I've been playing about 9 months. While my play has improved a lot. I find that my A chord is very often buzzy and sounds like shit. This surprises me because I've seen this described as a very simple beginner chord. Problem seems to be most with the 4th string where my finger is toward the back of the fret due to space. Seems like I can kill my finger and press down real hard to play it clean or I can reduce the pressure which may stop the buzzing, but then the string is muffled I think. Do I need to squish my fingers as tightly ad possible so my finger is higher on that fret? That takes me more time? Any more solutions, explanations? Thanks.

Before you say that the action on my guitar sucks. I actually got it lowered recently, so I don't think that should be the problem.
Lowering action can cause fret buzz sometimes. Are you sure that when you play just single notes on your guitar you don't hear any fret buzz at all?
As Luminance said, there could be a chance that the action is just a hair too low, and that can cause some fret buzz.

If technique is more of the problem, then it can lead to more proper practice and experience with playing the A chord. From what I gather, are you using just one finger across the frets?

To make things a bit easier, you try using three fingers to play the A chord. What I would do is take your Am chord, and instead of using your index finger on the 1st fret of the B string, use your pinky on the 2nd fret of the B string. I usually go between barring and three fingers when I play an A chord. It all depends on what's easier and if suspensions are used.

Hope this helps!
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I've always been playing my A chord with first 3 fingers. I see how using 2,3,4 can make it easier to press down on that D string. Is that recommended? That's gonna take some serious getting used to I'm afraid. Also means I'm gonna want to go to D chord with 2,3,4 as well, which I have a harder time doing
I don't know, but I've always used fingers 2, 3, 4 to play an A major chord. When it comes to a D major chord, I used fingers 1, 2, 3. It's just the way I managed to do things, and it was comfortable for me.
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Been experimenting with different techniques. The problem with using fingers 2,3,4 is that my pinky is unavailable for A7 or Asus. The cleanest way I think is to bar the 3 strings. But then cannot play the low A7. I could use a different method depending on the needs of the song. But then I have to remember what chord I will play next before I go to A, and that gives more chances to make a mistake.

Shouldn't I be able to play the A chord cleanly with fingers 1,2,3? This is still an issue. No, I don't think the action is too low. I believe the buzzing sound is caused by playing the fourth string too high on the fret. But I don't see a way around this (other than muting that string)
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I just thought of this. I could switch my first and second fingers so that third finger is on B string, first finger is on G string, second finger on D. With this I can have my fingers lower the fret, but feels awkward and takes me long time to setup now. Would anyone actually recommend this?
Its really depends on what your comfortable with, but the 3-1-2 fingering seems to work pretty well if you can get used to it
Learn how to play the a chord both ways the three finger way and Justin guitars way.
When I frist started I could not play the a chord