I am looking to buy my first amp which is the one in the title. Having played through amplitube 3 these few years I have become very hateful of noise. I have to ask hwo noisy is this amp. I have a single coil guitar but I have to say this wasn't affecting the noise at all since the noise came even when the guitar wasn't connected
I only have guitars with hambuckers. The Mustang 1 produces zero noise. In that regard it's fantastic and also very well put together.
Keep in mind that any amp or simulator is going to be noisy if you turn it to the Uberschall model and dime the gain with a tubescreamer and a compressor in front.

As with most tools, the way you use it makes a big difference. The Mustang isn't particularly noisy but exactly how noisy it is will depend a lot on what you want out of it.
Regarding amps and sims, Roc is totally right. I've been using Amplitube 3 for a long time and I have no problems with noise, you just have to fiddle a bit with the noise gate and don't go ape crazy with the gain, overdrive pedals, etc. Besides generating a lot of noise, it also gives a very bad tone. But I assume you know what you're doing and you know how to set gain and pedals right.

But as I said, just adjust the noise gate. Even with low levels of gain and no overdrive pedal, I get a bit of noise with Amplitube 3. I just mess around with the noise gate a little bit and problem solved.

And yes, it's also normal Amplitube generating noise with the guitar not connected. Happens the same to me. Also make sure you have a decent soundcard and the drivers are set up right.

About the Mustang 1, I can't give any info on it because I never tried that amp.
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