First things first, hello! I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm 16 years old I've been learning the guitar for just over a week (I've been using Frederick Noad's book so far, but I don't have a teacher or anything). My dad retired recently and said he'd start playing the guitar again, he never really did so I picked it up instead and found it much easier than the violin (which I'm also learning) and instantly fell in love with the guitar.

As for as my progress up to now goes, I can play this:


Not quite as gracefully as the person in the video, but I can play it and I even accidentally written my own extra bit which fits in rather nicely.
In the same book, I'm working my way through Malaguena (I can play the first two lines).
In terms of chords, I can play A major, G major, and A minor, that's about it.

Anyway, I have a few questions:

How long does it take to get good? - I'm sure people my age ask this annoying question all the time and I know that "good" is purely subjective. Still, hear me out. My musical aspirations range from wanting to be able to sit down and play a tune on an acoustic on my own to playing in a band one day or even writing songs (I would love to do this, as do a great deal of people my age, but it's probably unrealistic given I'm starting so late). Right now I spend about an hour a day practising (I have exams at the moment but I should get to increase this in the next few months), if I do this consistently, how long will it take for me to gain the ability and knowledge to reach the levels that I am considering?

Bearing the above in mind, what pointers would people have in terms of learning? - So, obviously, I need a decent guitar, my dad is in the process of replacing the strings on his but I'm planning on getting an acoustic for my birthday later this month which will hopefully be less dusty and out of tune ALL OF THE TIME. I don't know any guitar scales yet, I only know a couple of chords through imitating them and youtube tutorials and my general musical theory is still shaky as I'm only up to grade 4 on violin and haven't touched a piano or any other instrument. What direction should I go in for the time being so that I can learn as efficiently and effectively as I can?
I'll just throw this out there. Focus on a couple of chords until you can freely change between them. I made that mistake and ended up quitting when i was young because i took on way too many chords at once. They sounded sketchy and not crisp and clean. Get 3 down good, then add one or two at a time till they sounds great and keep expanding.
Cheers buddy!
Enjoy the process, it is the best part
Guitars ROCK