Hi, I just have a quick question. I own and old Marshall ShredMaster stompbox pedal and I have lost the nut/washer that sits on the footswitch to keep it from falling down into the pedal when pressed. I'm just looking for a replacement to screw on, can you tell me what size it should be, or maybe what type or where I can get it. I live in Sweden so like a general idea of what kind of store I should look in would be nice. I just need to know what size/type I should look for.
the easiest way is to take the pedal to any hardware store ("hårdvara") or a shop with "home fixing stuff" in your area. Ask them if they have a nut that will fit the switch, chances are that they will have one. Any type of nut will do so long as it fits.

You are probably also missing the lock washer for the switch, so it would be good to ask for one as well.
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Yup -- Home Desperate or Lowe's or Ace Hardware here in the states.
Drag your pedal in to make sure you've got the right one, get a proper lock washer and maybe a tube or plastic bottle of Loctite (your friendly local hardware guy will recommend one) to help prevent the washer from winding its way out again.
it's a 3/8"-32 instrument panel nut. to do it right you'll need the panel nut and the tabbed lockwasher.

these are the same thread size as used on the jack and the pu selector switch (like on a Les Paul not on a Fender) of your guitar.

electronics stores, computer parts stores, electrical parts places, etc.. would have this stuff. in the US it would be places like Fry's, Ametron, and the out of business Radio Shack etc.. don't know about Sweden.

It's a standard switch/jack thread spec. that you can find on a lot of things with throw switches, 3/8" thread dia. control pots, and 1/4" jacks.

something like this as well will get it done except for the tab washer:

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