Hi guys,

This song is a little bit heavier than what I did before. I let a link here. Telle me what you think about it and I tell about yours !

On this song, I think I really miss some vocals =)

Orphenae - Back Of Beyond

Cheers !
Hey dude,

Thanks for sharing this track with us.

I've seen your other videos and looks like you're on a roll with putting out some cool releases. There's a lot of movement and feeling in this track. There are some very nice transitions here from clean to heavy and vice versa. This is orchestrated very well. As for the mix, I don't have much to criticize as the drums, guitar, and bass are all very present and nothing is drowning the other out. However, I seem to hear this specific drum sample kit a lot with DIY musicians, it might not hurt to shift around the samples' pitches. I'm not sure what software this is from, but I know this is possible using EZDrummer (to shift pitch around). This might give the drums a bit more of a unique sound. The video quality is also superb.

Here are some of the sections which caught my attention:

1:08 - Nice transition here, reminds me of a Killswitch Engage riff
2:08 - cool clean tones here
2:30 - groovy bassline

What kind of camera and video editing software are you using? This a good looking video.

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Yeah thanks !!

I don't really which camera I use haha, a friend of mine do the video part ^^? I only know he's using vegas pro as video editing software

Really interesting timings and note combinations in the clean sections. I think your clean tone could be improved with a bit of EQ as it sounds just a little flat. The heavy sections are awesome, they don't get at all boring. I think your lead tone could benefit from some delay or reverb. The distorted riffs are so cool, I love the slight dissonance in parts, it makes the song feel a lot darker. It would be really good to hear some vocals on your tracks one day! I think they have great potential to be really well respected metal songs!

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Some of the clean parts are a bit uninteresting in my opinion, just a bit flat, both tone wise and by composition. It might just be that some parts like at 2:20 have a lack of depth in the mix and it affects the feel of the song as well. The first distorted riff is flat out badass, a great part and probably my favorite part in the song. The second distorted part was a bit less inspiring in my opinion, it was a kind of a stock metal lead part. Still I wouldn't call it a bad part by any stretch of the imagination. The drums could sound better, but I understand completely that it's not that easy without a drummer and a proper studio.

Overall I think that with better tone, drums and production and some vocals this would be an amazing track, but for now it sounds a bit work in progress. I still enjoyed, nice work.
yeah thanks !

To hakoon and Kevatuhri, your critics are really interesting. I understand the critics on the clean tone, I've got some difficulties to get a proper tone, and I still look for "my" clean tone^^. Sometimes I just to compose metal without without but there's always a moment where I can't resist to put some clean guitars haha.

Well, the drums is really complicated when we are not drummer =), but my production should be better now, I moved from EZdrummer to Addictive drums 2