Hey y'all. I recently released an acoustic instrumental song called Marth. I'd love to get some critiques/let me know what you think!

Also looking forward to listening to some new music on here. Feel free to leave a link so I can take a listen and give some feedback

Awesome tune man, has a very latin feel to it (in my opinion). The piece is interesting as it changes directions, especially towards the 5 minute mark. I think it would sound cool if more instruments were added as it progressed but thats just me. The production is really good man, how do you record your acoustic? Overall I enjoyed it. Nice track man!
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Thanks! I took a minimalist approach for the recorded version of the song, but when I do live performances I usually play with a kick pedal and have another guitarist to add another layer/dimension to the song.

I worked with a producer named Michael Chambers (aka moon:and:6) who did the whole production. He is the mastermind behind the sound quality hahah.
Hi !

Really great stuff I love fingerpicking haha. It's one of my goal to play stuff like this ^^. I find your song really relaxing. I love the bright tone of your guitar.
Well, I've got nothing to say about the production, to me it sounds pro.

I follow you on soundcloud so, I'll definitely check your new stuff =)
Beautiful song, sounds complex, I was getting and andy mackee (is that his name?) vibe. I'm hard pressed to find some criticism, maybe at 6:23 in length you could tighten it somewhere, but I enjoyed it.

Thanks for the crit!
wow! its really beautiful man! keep up the good work! i enjoyed throughout i dig 3,30 min great man!
Jesus that is a long song...OK, where to begin....

Guitar sounds beautiful, crisp and clear. Melody is fantastic and the change in the beginning from the first part to the second is excellent. The added percussive style adds a lot to a single instrument recording(if it is a single guitar track).

Freaking beautiful and captivating. Highly dynamic.

Is it a single guitar track? Or are there multiple ones? I cant figure this one out.

I feel as though I cant review this piece to its fullest potential cos I dont really listen to this type of music. The change at about 3:20 is really good, changes the whole mood of the song.

Very nice flow over all and a nice build up towards the last third of the song.

Loving that acoustic guitar tone, very nice and lush reverb on it as well. And a fantastic finally to boot.

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@ Guitar0player - Hahaha yeah I know, this one is a long song. It's a single guitar track, and a single live take because it would've been difficult to record with a metronome due to the different changes in time signatures all across.

@ SweetenerCorp - Andy McKee is a huge influence for the acoustic instrumental music I make. Nice catch hahah.

Thanks for the reviews, I really appreciate it!
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@ Guitar0player - Hahaha yeah I know, this one is a long song. It's a single guitar track, and a single live take because it would've been difficult to record with a metronome due to the different changes in time signatures all across.

Which makes it even sweeter, fantastic work man.
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Hey brutha, thanks for the crit!

This is one of the better composed pieces I've seen on here, the chord progression especially just after the introduction subtly reintroduces the beginning motif and I really like it, well done on that front.

Its produced really well, and I like it without vocals. Its something that would sound really nice if you wanted to chill, and I find there isnt enough music of that sort. My only crit is that it is a bit long. Its written quite well, but in order to captivate a listener for 6+ minutes I would say play around a little with texture especially, and possibly more with dynamics.

As a live take, well done on the cleanliness of the playing. Thinking simply in terms of composition, I feel like it would benefit from more thought devoted to more instruments/layers/dynamic experimentation to keep the listener captivated for the whole time.

Really good track though, keep making music!
Thanks for the crit!

I love the reverb setting you've used on the guitar. I'm hearing some interesting elements in this song, like the flamenco style strum which really adds some flavour to the piece. I enjoy the rhythmic element to the piece. Really great job for a live take!

A critique is that I did find myself drifting in and out of focusing on the song. The tempo change at around 3:30 brought me back into the song, but I feel like you could have made use of silence and maybe some stabs? Just to bring the listener back to the attention of your beautiful piece.

That being said, I did enjoy listening to it! Great job.
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Thanks for the critique! I can't fingerpick to save my life, so I'm very jealous of your obvious talent. I like the stylistic changes- motifs get repeated just long enough, no getting bored there! I like the feel too- this is very much up my alley. As to the recording, I probably would have layered parts in and increased the dynamic range, but that's just how I approach things- this is a very nice and transparent recording that captures your playing nicely.
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Hey man, thanks for the crit, apologies for the late reply!

I knew I recognised this track as soon as I heard it having commented on it before! But here's something a bit more substantial/your return crit:

Dude from the get go this is a great mix! Really nice playing/style as well you've got in your playing, I know a friend who is really into this kind of music. The progression in the track are safe but you've really managed to embellish them and use a lot of interesting chord voicings! Interested to know what mics were used on the guitar too.

Not a massive listener of this style of music but all I can say is you're an outstanding player and the track is beautifully composed too. Great work man.