So I am throwing these two together even thought they were not acquired at the same time. The Music Man was via a trade and the PRS was at a price that was worth the risk

Music Man Axis SS MM90:
First off, this is the first Ernie Ball Music Man that I have owned. I have played a couple in stores but never owned one. I was after a guitar with P90s and this was offered up in a trade and I couldn't pass it up. The neck is very comfortable and fast. The P90s have the EBMM hum cancelling wiring so that they do not produce any of the hum associated with singles and P90s. They have a lot of bite, which is exactly what I wanted. The bridge stays in tune like a champ and the locking tuners really help out. Very versatile, well rounded guitar that does exactly what I needed it too.

PRS S2 Mira:
I have been after a Mira for a while now so when this came up on GC used I had to inquire. The guitar was just reduced in price, so I called about it and the guy said that it was used and had a 1mm gash below the bridge where the wood was showing. I was expecting it to be really bad, but took the plunge anyway. The mark is barely noticeable and the guitar is in really good shape overall, light pick scratches and light buckle rash. It was used but not abused. The guitar is very comfortable to play and the neck just feels right. The pickups can delve out smoothness as well as being able to get very heavy. I ended up getting it for $600, which I felt comfortable with. It is another versatile guitar that will "probably" end up staying in the collection.
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Very nice!
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nice i am really digging the color of the Axis.
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Congrats on the new pair as it were
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It must suck to have a NGD this awesome

So which do you prefer the most, or are they different enough to have their own place for you?
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Honestly I prefer the Mira over the Axis. They are different enough that they do hold their own special place, but when I am looking to tinker I find myself reaching for the PRS. Not sure what it is about that guitar yet. It might be the 25" scale, due to all my others being either 25.5 or 24.75, then again maybe the Mira just fits.
If I really wanted to up the NGD I would add the Les Paul that I got a couple months back.
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